Methodological basis of orthotransformed space images application for the environmental assessment and software of research


  • Oksana Lunova State ecology academy of postgraduate education and management
  • Oleksandra Buglak State ecology academy of postgraduate education and management



environment, orthotransformed satellite imagery, potentially dangerous objects, database, objects of critical infrastructure


In the conditions of scientific and technological progress, the relationship of society with nature has become much more complicated. Man got the opportunity to influence the course of natural processes, started to use almost all available renewable and non-renewable natural resources, and as a result, began to pollute and destroy the environment. Specialists of the State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management, within the framework of the scientific work “Development of the methodological basis of orthotransformed satellite imagery application in environmental assessment”, solved an actual scientific and applied task, which is to form a methodological basis for the use of orthotransformed satellite imagery to create information services for environmental monitoring of objects of critical infrastructure and expanding the capacity of the National Center of the provision of central executive authorities of information about the results of environmental monitoring based on space systems data through the development of methods of using orthotransformated satellite imagery for the assessment of the environmental state. The possibilities of using multispectral space images to assess the state of the environment are determined and the necessary software for this is given. Based on the classification algorithm of enterprises and objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine, a GIS-compatible database of objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine classified by their environmental impact was developed and a methodology for using orthotransformed satellite imagery was developed to assess the impact of the corresponding categories of critical infrastructure facilities of Ukraine on the state of the environment. During creating the ideology of geographic information systems, the requirements for technical means on which the service should be deployed, the procedure for maintaining, filling and updating the database of objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine, the mechanism and procedure for visualizing impact assessments of all objects of the developed base based on GIS-systems.


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Techniques for Earth observation data acquisition, processing and interpretation